About our company

The activities of our company are focused on providing services in oil and gas industry.

The company has worked on the oil-gas field services market since 2000. Sergey Novikov is the Director General of the company. We use advanced technologies in our work, which permit to solve geological and technical problems during well construction, well operation and well servicing.

Cost reduction and profitability improvement during oil and gas wells drilling, maintenance and exploitation.

Finding solutions to problems related to intercasing pressure in wells. Intercasing pressure elimination with the use of special solutions and power wave generator

Improvement of environmental safety

Our customers are the largest gas and oil companies in Russia and neighboring states.


Patents and certificates

We use our own unique technologies and equipment in our work, which are confirmed by numerous patents and certificates.

LLC "PCC "Nedra-S"
75 Bezzhonova str., Astrakhan, POB 99, 414024
Russian Federation
Director General: Sergey Novikov +7 (8512) 48-01-18
+7 917 180 00 08
Engineer in chief: Vladimir Ushakov +7 (8512) 48-01-19
Chief accountant: Olga Okuneva +7 (8512) 48-01-19
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Director General
Sergey Novikov